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HOLOLENS 2 And Industry 4.0
The Next Digital Transformation

The next generation of augmented reality is here. Using holographic technology, Hololens can transform the world around you into an immersive, three-dimensional experience. As a result, Hololens is perfect for the modern professional and helps increase productivity in the workplace.

Design engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain are the next digital transformation frontier from product development, design engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain.

Organizations will need to transform the core operations of their business and build a digital backbone and thread that runs from their consumers all the way through their value chain—and back again.

Hololens provides industry-leading solutions that deliver an immersive experience—all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of Microsoft’s cloud and AI services.

Integrated into the Baird Technology product suite, the HoloLens reduces cognitive overload while providing operator sensor streams.

Baird Technology can develop bespoke applications that: 

  • Optimize Performance.
  • Improve Efficiency.
  • Reduce Risk.
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Industry 4.0
Optimise PerformanceAnd Improve Efficiency.

Hololens app development

Baird Technology can develop bespoke HoloLens applications to improve productivity and quality in your operations, increasing  performance.

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